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One UI is Samsung’s collection of software skins, or customizations, for Android. Ever since the launch of One UI in 2018, it has gotten significant updates every following year. Android 9 was the foundation for One UI 1; Android 10 was the foundation for One UI 2; and so on. On Android 13, One UI 5 is built.

The latest Samsung One UI 5 offers all the system-level changes that the most recent version of Android brings. Furthermore, it adds more to your user experience. Therefore, Techiliate has taught you everything you need about the new software interface.     

Notification Design Changes

Notification Panel is one of the first things you’ll see when you launch One UI 5. It has a new appearance with larger and more vibrant app icons that make it easier for you to tell at a glance which app’s alerts are which. Furthermore, the number of quick settings icons that appear when the notification shade is partially enlarged is also altered in an early One UI 5 beta.

Bixby Text Call

Bixby Text Call

One of the other One UI 5 features is the Bixby Text Call. This is Samsung’s version of the Call Screen function in Pixel phones. Furthermore, users of Galaxy phones can instruct Bixby to answer calls on their behalf. Additionally, they’ll receive a readout of the conversation on the screen. Moreover, you can input responses into Text Call, and Bixby will read them out to your caller. However, this feature is only available in Korea. But it will be soon in other countries in early 2023.

One UI 5 Modes

Modes is a brand-new feature in One UI version 5. Furthermore, Bixby’s Routines and these Modes are similar in many ways, with the exception that One UI 5’s Modes can be manually enabled or automatically activated when certain conditions are met. For instance, you can set up Spotify to open when the Workout Mode is activated. You can manually start the setup before your workout because it’s a Mode rather than a Routine.

Lock Screen Personalization

With One UI 5, Samsung included many new lock screen capabilities. One of them is to modify shortcuts, the clock’s appearance, how notifications appear, and your lock screen wallpaper for the lock screen itself. To utilize this, press and hold anywhere on the lock screen to bring up the editor.


In case you’re sick of seeing app shortcuts or a clock on your lock screen, you may also completely delete certain components. One UI 5 also allows you to create video lock screen wallpapers, so you can set a video wallpaper and remove all the other features from your lock screen to see the animations that you like. 

Widget Changes

Smart Widgets from Samsung are nothing new. Furthermore, not many Samsung users are concerned with using it. However, One UI 5 makes a wise adjustment as now you can now drag and drop widgets from your home screen onto one another to build widget stacks. Furthermore, it’s simple to resize individual widgets before making a stack, but you can only stack widgets that are the same size.


Various apps and tasks are surfaced via a new intelligent recommendations widget based on how you use your phone. Moreover, it features a 4 x 2 grid by default, but you may change it after adding it to your home screen if a 4 x 1 grid better suits your requirements.

Fresh Wallpapers

The wallpaper in Samsung varies from device to device. However, the Galaxy S22 series now comes preloaded with a ton of new wallpapers under the Graphical and Colors categories, thanks to One UI 5. Although they are quite simple, pre-installed wallpapers are always a great addition for device personalization. 

Call Background Customizations

The list goes on when it comes to the features of One UI 5. Adding to them are the Call Background Customizations. You can choose unique backdrop colors for each contact that appears when you receive a call from that number in One UI 5. It’s a minor adjustment, but it can make it simpler to identify the caller at a look or from a distance.

More Color Themes

Since the release of One UI 4.1, Samsung has given Material You-style dynamic theming to users. Therefore, giving options to choose between three dynamic themes or a single stock theme based on your wallpaper. The single stock theme is mostly uses blue for UI accent colors. Options vary depending on the wallpaper, but with One UI 5, there are up to 16 dynamic wallpaper possibilities and 12 static themes available in a variety of colors, including four two-tone options. Thus, you have a lot of cool personalization features to give your smartphone a totally new look. 

New Multitasking Gestures In Labs

On big-screen devices like the Galaxy Z Fold 4, One UI 5 adds a few new navigation gestures that are very useful. The other allows you to slide in from one of the screen’s top corners to launch the currently open app that you are using in a floating window view. Further, has the option to enter split-screen mode by swiping up from the bottom of the screen with two fingers. However, to use the gestures, you must enable them in your Samsung phone’s Labs section of the Advanced features menu.

Camera Changes

One UI 5 makes a few changes to the Samsung photography experience. In addition to a help icon that offers advice on utilizing all those settings and sliders more effectively, Pro mode also provides a histogram option to assist you in adjusting brightness. Additionally, you can watermark images with your text.

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